Prawn Fresh +

Sulfitfrit dyppemiddel til jomfruhummer og rejer.

En flydende sulfit fri løsning lavet for, at forlænge holdbarheden samtidig med at produktet bevarer sin naturlige smag og sit naturlige udseende.

En enkel, sikker og let anvendelig behandling der forlænger det udseende samt den smag og duft skaldyrene havde den dag de blev fanget

Prawn Fresh +

Sulphite free treatment for langoustine and prawns.

A liquid solution designed to increase shelf-life whilst retaining the natural taste and appearance of prawns and langoustines.

A simple , safe and easy to use treatment that produces natural looking products retaining the same appearance, taste and smell as the day they were caught.

“I had been using Meta for some time and heard of Prawnfresh about a year ago and I am really glad I made the change. The staff who apply it really prefer this to meta and so do buyers when they see the prawns. ”

Stephen West Skipper. “Daystar BF151”

I have been using Prawnfresh for over 3 years now, since the change our Prawns have looked a lot brighter and we have seen a 7% increase in yield. Prawnfresh more than pays for itself, its user friendly and doesn't do any damage to our dipping tank. All in all its a very good product to use. Our Prawn Processor Fraserburgh Seafood have also changed to Prawnfresh.

David McRobbie . Skipper “Karen Ann

Prawnfresh Plus will become a game changer for the domestic Gulf Shrimp industry. It dramatically reduces black spot, improves the appearance and extends retail shelf life for fresh, shell on shrimp up to seven days when the shrimp is properly refrigerated.”

Comment from Captain Brine Shrimp Freezer Boat Florida